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                                       "505" specimen pulled to destruction (Tensile Strength)

Mechanical / Destructive Testing

ABC Testing Incorporated offers several types of destructive tests to aid in welding procedure qualifications.  These tests can also be used to test design integrity by loading a part and taking it to failure.  It also is verification that engineering has chosen the correct material and processing to fabricate reliable products for the application in question. Non-Destructive Testing like Salt Spray testing is used to determine corrosion resistance by accelerating corrosion. Hardness Testing is a quick test to determine if heat treatment of in service us has affected the Mechanical Properties of a material.

  • Bend Testing - used in welder/welding procedure qualification.  Tests weld ductility.
  • Tensile Testing - used in welding procedure qualification, material properties testing.  Tests strength and ductility. (Up to 120,000 pound load capability)
  • Charpy Impact Testing - used in welding procedure qualification.  Tests materials resistance to a shock load at lowered temperature.  Used widely in welding procedures to be used for bridge work or cryogenic plants. (down to - 40o C standard)
  • Hardness Testing- used to verify heat treatment was done properly. (Brinell, Rockwell and Superficial)
  • Salt Spray Testing - used to determine corrosion resistance

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