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                                 vacuum box testing

                                                                  Vacuum Box

Certified leak testing experts help ensure valuable cargo is protected on your ship.

ABC Testing Inc. employs the latest in Leak Testing Technology to protect your vessel. We useVacuum Box Testing to locate the leaks at the bottom of tanks or other vessels. The practice of Vacuum Box Testing is commonly used during Ship Hull Inspections to detect leaks. If leaks were to go untreated, they could cause millions of dollars worth of damages

The key benefits to Vacuum Box Testing include:

  • Covering large areas of the vessel
  • Easily verifying the actual location of leaks

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What Hydrostatic Testing allows us to do is apply liquid pressure within the structure *

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* Vessels or piping systems to either test for leaks at design pressure or to determine the actual bursting pressure of a component. This is vital information for designers of pressure vessels, especially those containing hazardous materials.

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