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Visual Testing or Visual Analysis

  • Visual testing or visual examination or visual analysis is a part of non-destructive testing technique that is used to assess the size and facade of the weld. This NDT testing technique helps to identify surface level flaws and defects which include detection of cracks, fusion between weld bead, gas hole, excessive undercut, etc. This NDT testing technique is used in combination with most of high-end non-destructive testing methods, such as Digital Imaging, Liquid Penetrant Inspection , Radiography, etc. It is one of the most common and economical testing examination used for performing quality control checks.
  • Visual testing is done using very little equipment and the result of the evaluation and its accuracy totally depends on the knowledge and ability of the visual testing inspectors. It is first and one of the most important testing techniques used in analyzing the defects in composites and welds. Visual testing helps to check the accuracy of the fabrication of the component visually. The visual testing technique basically is used to determine the size correctness, completion of all the parts or components, precision in incorporation or integration of various components, and overall quality of the final equipment or its components.
  • Human eye is one of the most important tools used in visual testing. In addition to that other equipment or tools that are used to obtain accurate results include magnifiers, dental picks, stethoscopes, microscope, scales, and other measuring tools. These tools basically enhance the sensory input and help to detect the flaws by using our senses. The activities involved in conducting a visual test include looking, listening, feeling, smelling, shaking, and twisting. The observations made during the visual test are compared against the quality standards used in evaluating the particular component. The difference between the two helps to determine the level of defect or standard of quality.
  • use visual testing in non-destructive and destructive testing methods to increase customer satisfaction and lower manufacturing costs. They cater to industries, such as automotive, aviation, construction, power plants, manufacturing, railways, military, and naval industry. ABC Testing Inc. have Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) doing welding inspections for steel, aluminum, specialized metals like Inconel, Monel and NiAlBrz, and many other alloys. The company uses approved procedures to specific industry standard. Browse through for more information.