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Digital Imaging Inspection Services

  • Digital Imaging has added a new dimension to inspection techniques by enhancing the precision of results and providing accurate output. In case of Digital Imaging the x-ray is taken on a platter which is scanned and converted into a digital file. You can share the inspection results with number of people by sending the digital file through email, CD, DVD and/or flash memory. Digital Imaging not only increases the accuracy of the results but also speed up the inspection process to a great extent.
  • Digital Imaging has incredible benefits as it helps to inspect parts separately, allows testing in full cross section, helps to categorize flaws types, and store the results permanently on the computer in the form of a digital file. Digital Imaging Inspection Services are being widely used in various industries, such as the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries, shipbuilding and vessel construction, to identify defects, flaws, or inaccuracies at the initial stage. The technique helps to inspect the object in detail and carry out thorough quality checks.
  • Digital images are taken using a digital camera; these are basically optically formed pictures that are stored in a digital format. These images are then transferred to the computer for inspection and testing. The biggest advantage of digital imaging in industrial X-ray inspection systems is that it helps to store the inspection results for future use and allows conducting the inspection procedure in detail. You can easily zoom-in and zoom out the digital images and perform the quality checks.
  • The state-of-the-art digital imaging for X-ray inspection systems also helps in automatic defect recognition (ADR) which helps to carry out the inspection process more easily, effectively, and efficiently. Flaws in an inspection objects a range of material thicknesses can be detected accurately. You can easily use digital imaging technology with various NDT methods to increase the accuracy of the results and produce exceptional high quality products.
  • use digital imaging in non-destructive and destructive testing methods to increase customer satisfaction and lower manufacturing costs. They cater to industries, such as automotive, aviation, construction, power plants, manufacturing, railways, military, and naval industry. ABC Testing Inc. have Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) doing welding inspections for steel, aluminum, specialized metals like Inconel, Monel and NiAlBrz, and many other alloys. Browse through for more information.